Travel to Different Places in Zimbabwe


Zimbabwe is full of wonders and a center for  all people who need to experience Zimbabwe. From Kariba dam, Great Zimbabwe to national heroes acre diversity is reflected everywhere. 

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More often we’re shrouded in our homes, afraid of exploring the wonders of Zimbabwe, hiding in your budget complaints.  With Joel Travel, you can experience more for less. We’re affordable.

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With travelling comes the great opportunity to create memories, taking pictures, shooting videos. Travel with friends, family or partner to create those memories you’ll always cherish.


Visit the places and understand the diversity of Zimbabwe

City Tours

Mbare Musika, a market place for all people from all walks of life.

National Art Gallery: for your sculptures and souvenirs

Harare Kopje,

National Museum,

Mukuvusi Woodlands,

Lion and Cheetah Park,

Snake World,

Larvon Bird Gardens,

Domboshava Caves,

Rock Paintings

National Tours

Victoria Falls is one of the Seven Wonders of the World, people come from all over the world to witness the sight of this curtain of water, 1.7 km wide, plunging into a chasm which is 108 metres at its deepest point, creating a cauldron of seemingly boiling water and a cloud of spray creating its own rainbows.

Lake Kariba:The shores of Lake Kariba, the world’s largest man-made lake, are a wildlife paradise.

There are unrivalled opportunities for fishing and bird watching, and the chance to see the big game that comes to the water edge to quench their thirst.

Great Zimbabwe, near Masvingo, is the largest and most significant ancient monument south of the Sahara. The towering “stone houses” (dzimba dzembabwe) are the remains of a city of 20 000 shona- speaking people which prospered between the 12th and 15th centuries.

Experience the resources, the big five animals of Zimbabwe

Africa is home to great animal, the big five, the rarest animals of the world. Zimbabwe have a share in that privilege . Zimbabwe is home to the big five, the lions, the elephants all waiting for you to explore.  There also monuments like the Victoria falls, Great Zimbabwe, Chinhoyi caves and Kariba dam.  Every culture have it’s beginnings, to understand the Zimbabwean culture, visiting the national monuments will certainly help you. Joel Travel offers great services that will help you see the most of Zimbabwe. Come to us or contact us and we’ll help you with the  support needed. 

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To give you the peace of mind, we will assist you in planning your travel arrangements, accommodation and shuttle services. Our touring services are in two categories namely City Tours and National Tours.

Hwange National Park

Chinhoyi Curves

Lake Chivero

National Arts Gallery, Harare